Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kitchen Organization, Part 1

So far, I have only posted recipes on this blog.  I'm switching gears on this post.  My kitchen is so tiny that organization should be a priority.  Can't use a pan or a tool if you can't find it, right?

Well, my kitchen has become really unorganized.  I came across a fantastic blog that gave me the kick in the pants that I really needed.  I'm starting to find the true peace that comes from order.

Let's do some Befores and Afters, shall we?

Spice Drawer #1 (Before):

Spice Drawer #2 (Before):

Spice Drawer #1 (After):

I turned it into my handy-dandy baking drawer.  The two plastic white trays were part of a six-piece drawer organizer set from Wal-Mart that I bought for $13.96.  I got rid of my old dry measuring cups (both sets!) and splurged on an $11 nesting set of fish measuring cups from Pier 1.

Spice Drawer #2 (After):

I placed some dish towels in the back of the drawer.  For the front part, I bought some new stainless steel scrubbers, sponges and a nonstick cookware sponge, which is neatly resting on a Grace Tidbit Bowl from Pier 1 ($6).

Where did the spices go?  They went up...

I don't have a lot of drawer, cabinet or counter space.  The only pantry is have is a small cabinet at the end of my breakfast bar.  (Thanks to the hubs for taking pity on me and buying that.)  I LOVE my spices.  The only logical place for them was on the side of my fridge.

I bought seven sets of Kammenstein Magnetic Storage Tins (each set of three cost $3.99) from Pfaltzgraff.  I'm definitely going to buy another set!

I washed, dried and filled each tin and then labeled them with my Brother P-Touch from Staples.  It comes with white tape.  I bought a clear tape cartridge for this use.  I typed each spice name in, two spaces between, and printed it out as one long strip.  I used the tape cutting feature to cut the strip from the machine.  I cut out each spice name with my scissors.

I also managed to do a junk drawer overhaul.  Once upon a time, it was crammed full of papers and had no function other than a dumping ground.  Now, it looks like this:

Two white plastic cubes from the Wal-Mart organizing set that I mentioned earlier are under this Post-It notes pad.  They hold extra bread ties and paper clips.  My label maker is in the front, along with instructions and an extra tape cartridge.  The two long navy plastic trays in the back were a steal--two for 75 cents at Rite-Aid!  The one on the left is holding scissors and glue sticks.  The one on the right contains pens, pencils, a small LED flashlight and batteries.  My measuring tape is in between the baskets.

Next order of business:  Editing/organizing baking pans and small appliances.  Yikes!  One day at a time.  One day at a time.....

I linked up at iHeart Organizing.
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  1. Love the ideas of the spice cabinet reorg. I'm terrified to show my nightmare pantry - baby steps, right?

  2. I did that too! But I have kids who kept messing with the tins (only the front of the fridge was available and I had TONS of them) so I got a magnetic board from Ikea and put them up on the wall out of the kids reach. Someday I hope to upgrade to the nice canisters like you have . . . mine are actually food grade watch canisters so there's no little spout on the side or shaker option.


  3. I wish I had a label maker! That is amazing.



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